My Husband Affairs Devastated My Heart.

by Nisa
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

My husband and I come from Fiji. Whilst I was born and raised in Australia my husband was born and raised in Fiji.

We met in 2007 and married in 2010 after a 3 year long distance relationship. In our first year of marriage we were happy until I was contacted by the husband of a cousin of mine who informed me that his wife and my husband had been emailing eachother dirty messages and talking about meeting up and sleeping together.

He then went on and emailed the messages. As I read through them I cried because I read first hand what my husband was saying to my cousin about me. I was devastated and confronted him; he promised me it would never happpen again.

I was raised to believe that God and the Bible accept only one marriage in a lifetime and if you divorce and marry someone else you are committing a adultery. So I forgave him and we worked through it.

Through our five year marriage, there have been countless suspicions but I have tried to put all my trust and faith in his love for me.

Sadly in August of this year, more bad news came. First came the message from a girl that wanted me to know that she was now sleeping with my husband. Two weeks later came the crushing blow another affair with a woman that knew about me but still built a relationship with him. They are now expecting a baby together and even though I am totally crushed he wont leave me.

I have told him to go on countless occassions but he refuses and says that it was all a massive mistake and that he never did it to leave me. I pray to God every chance I get and beg and ask for mercy on my life the life of my husband and my son.

What hurts the most is that he had been neglecting to be my husband for a long time. At this point I am giving it all to God and trusting that God will provide a path that can bring my marriage back together and bless us with a family to extend the little one we already have now.

I am praying that God gives me a clean heart to accept what has happend and to move on with life. I pray that God helps me to accept the child that has come out of the relationship between my husband and the other woman. But moat of all I am praying for a hedge of thorns around my husband and around my family so where Satan was able to enter before God now stands at all entries to our lives.

I ask if there are any christian brothers and sisters out there that can help pray for my marriage and family it would be much appreciated. God Bless

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Dec 14, 2015
God Heals And Refreshes Hurting Marriages.
by: Osita

Nisa, let's pray over this properly for a healing, refreshing and restoration in your family. Certainly, the spirit of lust have been running circles around your marriage, using your husband.

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