My husband And The Strange Woman Are Tormenting Me In Pregnancy.cheating with another police lady

by Theresa
(Ghana Capecoast)

Since February when a certain Police lady came to me to say that my husband had planned to marry her, I've not had peace in my marriage. No communication between us, no happiness.

This lady would lie to my husband that I came to her workplace to confront her and scandalize her name. Therefore, my husband will come home and attack me.

I am pregnant and will deliver in November but my life is miserable. I'm going through so much hurt. As at now, my husband is leaving in Kumasi and the lady always visits him there. He doesn't call me.

He doesn't send me money for food. I need your prayers. My husband said he is waiting for me to deliver so that we will separate. I am really going crazy, God should intervene. Thank you.

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