My Husband Backslid And Went To Live With another Woman.

by Ericka
(Los Angeles, California USA)

My husband and I started out strong in the word of God praying daily and yearning for Jesus in our daily lives.

We met on Facebook when I commented to him, pride cometh before a fall and hard is the fall! We started talking and he asked for my phone number. We talked everyday all day and night and by month two he asked me to be his wife. By month four I flew to New Jersey to get married but God did not allow it...

Everything that could go wrong did and I returned home. I had doubts and asked God for discernment, my husband then wrote me a letter about satan tried to get him to take his life at age 19 as he stood on top of a building, he was an abused child and satan had convinced him he had nothing to live for. Then he said he heard a voice say "stop" to him but he went to try again and he heard it again!

My husband told me that being with me helped him understand it was God who called out "stop" because HE had a plan for his life. We stayed in the word of God heavily and prayed together daily, the next year I went to New Jersey again and married my husband.

He came to California to live with me and my children two months later and our family has been under attack for the last three years. After being in California for a year we had a baby boy and when my son Israel was just three months old my husband left our home to be with another woman. He said our life was not prospering materially and he didn't feel connected to me any longer. He didn't believe in God like I do and that he is five percenter, Muslim and he trusts Buddah. He said I was stale and religious and we have been at odds ever since.

I prayed and warred in the spirit and he came back home four months later, I kept praying even though he still insisted he doesn't believe in God like I do, He believes worshiping God is respecting the trees the walls and anything in creation thrust justifying his list for other women and speaking foul to his own wife. He stayed home for 9 months and moved out again saying he isn't coming back and is getting his life together so he can be a blessing to others and is preparing to die.

I am trusting God for his life! He is so lost and so far from Jesus right now. He says he believes in Jesus but twists Jesus words. I know this is a demonic spirit and nothing like my husband! He is a gentle and humble person when HE is in the counsel of Christ Jesus, I will continue to pray as Hosea did for his wife trusting God and believing that He can call his name and remind him of who he is.

Please pray for my family! I am focused on God right now and being who Christ Jesus wants me to be. I trust God to bring my husband from under the stronghold that has him. Please pray for my strength as I will continually pray for others.

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Nov 20, 2017
Help Recover Backslider Husband
by: Anonymous

I can relate to this my husband was also a Christian who backslid and now is in the clutches of Satan. He doesn't seems as if he is aware of what he is doing to his family. He is not even supporting us as he used to and this is the influence of his mistress who I understand is very manipulative. Need prayers desperately because the devil is working overtime to destroy families.

Feb 06, 2016
God Can Change Your Blackslidden Husband Again.
by: Osita

Ericka, the devil obviously hijacked your husband and intends to destroy him so as to deny him of a glorious life. I thank God for a wife like you, who is Godly and prayerful. Your prayers surely preserved his life.

I will be willing to pray targeted prayers with you to release him from the clutches of the demon spirits and have him serve God again.

Let's get started. Sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our site and we'll reach you with targeted prayers and counsel to recover your blackslidden cheating husband and marriage.

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