My Husband Bacslided And Started Cheating Again.

by Elvina
(Midrand )

My husband and I have been together for 10years we have been married 7 years this year. Every year since we got married we have separated in the months of August and September. We have always gotten back together a few weeks later. It was always a result of infidelity.

LAST YEAR we both got very involved in CHURCH and before we knew it we were leaders, but my husband began to backslide and I felt that he was cheating again, It was always late night out with the friends, all the signs were there.

Eventually we fought 27/08/2017 and he left home, moved in with this Hindu girl which he claims to be only a friend, and I find hard to believe. More sadly, his mother converted him back to Hinduism.

He has now changed toward me and our two kids. He got a job now but he doesn't take responsibility for his kids taking them to school or fetching them.

He does everything for this divorced woman and her child, and uses her car to get to work everyday. I love my husband and I want him to get saved and come back home.

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