My Husband Became A Monster Overnight.

by Kaye
(Tarlac City, Philippines.)

I came from a broken family. My father left us when I was nine and my life became difficult. I had a great battle against emotional stress and belongingness. I almost ruined my life not until I met someone who gave me hope to start and hold my hand for 14 long years.

I thank the Lord that I had a very loving husband and a responsible father to my two daughters. I was so confident that everything was place, so what happened to us was like a big surprised slapped on my face.

I woke up one day and he was gone. I suffered from confusions and heartbreak thinking what went wrong? He just turned out to be a monster almost surrendered everything but seems to be normal whenever he sees us. He was the greatest actor I ever met, he was trying to twist everything but didnt say goodbye. I felt like being a shock absorber and when he is tired will come home because he knew I am always here to understand.

He left his things saying he will come back. Until I finally realized that addction and infidelity was at the root of our problem. I feel sorry for the drastic change that happened to my family. He was never the person we knew years ago.

I know I could not mend things on my own that's why I thank the Lord that he guided me to be on this site entrusting everything and I know one day God will send us a miracle of making him recover not for me and my kids but for himself....God is good, he made me realized that there are things we cannot do until we come to Him.

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Feb 28, 2016
by: Anonymous

There is a spiritual issue here,the filthy spirit that drove your Dad away is back to haunt you by afflicting your husband;l trust that you have already accepted Our Lord Jesus Christ into your life,this is the first and the most important step to victory .
Haven done that,you must embark on a spiritual warfare,keep binding that "spirit of a broken home and infidelity" and do not forget to praise and thank GOD before and after every prayer session,he will surely grant you victory over the other woman and the devil.
Remains blessed Sis.

Feb 26, 2016
God Knows How To Deliver Your Cheating Husband.
by: Osita

Kaye, I believe God sent you this way. He will intervene powerfully and your husband will change.

We can help you obtain prayer points and also pray along with you until your victory comes. That's the mandate our ministry has.

Let's get started. Sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our site and we'll reach you with targeted prayers and counsel to recover your cheating husband and marriage.

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