My Husband Blames God For The State Of Our Marriage.

by Heart Broken

Yesterday, I took my 4 children to get a dog. My husband left December 21st and has filed for divorce. He claims I have cheated and posted porn on the Internet. However, I have not and would never. I love God, my husband, my family and I hurt for women who do those things.

As we were returning from getting the dog, my son had to go to the bathroom so we stopped off an exit and as we headed back home, my husband rode right by us on his bike with another woman. We were all shocked and devastated. My husband was a good father and spouse. He has been deceived by lies and his mind twisted by the enemy.

I have seen him at the altar weeping but he now blames God for his "ruined" marriage. I know God can restore and I am believing for it.

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