My Husband Brought The Other Woman To Live In Our Home.

by Naomi
(South Africa)

My husband and I met when I was 20 and became best friends, later we were married. 14 years into the marriage, he asked me for a divorce. I was devastated. I knew we had problems, but didn't want a divorce. My thought process at the time, well if he doesn't want me there is nothing I can do, so I gave him what he wanted even though I didn't want it.

I was angry, I pleaded for him to go to counseling, I asked him to consider that we have three children, but he wouldn't budge. I found out literally a day after the civil divorce went through that he was seeing someone else.
This broke me even more - I attempted suicide as I thought that God had left me, that there is no way He could love me if this was happening (being brutally honest here). I did weird things like move out of town. Gave up my rights to everything. As I mentioned, I was totally broken.

Strangely through all this, i was attending daily Mass, a power Hour of prayer every morning, and even Bible study at night. God wouldn't let me go. I just knew this. Three months into my husbands affair, they broke it off. He asked me to come home, so I did. Things went well for a while - we spent time together, but then everything went back to normal, fighting, me basically just having to tiptoe so as not to be screamed at or called horrible names.

He criticized my faith, my christian friends and wouldn't set foot in church any longer. He started going out directly after work to have drinks with friends. His homecomings became later and later until about a year ago, he started getting home in the mornings. The devastation was when I asked him to please spend more time with us, he told me that he didn't want a family any longer and that he wanted to be free. He went overseas to meet up with another woman in this time. When he got back things got worse, so I initiated a week-end away just the two of us to reconnect. Went well, but not even a week later it was the same.

He has since been seeing yet another woman, who sleeps in our bed and is not interested in restoring a relationship with either me or our youngest daughter. He seems so caught up with this new woman. He doesn't seem bothered that she sleeps at our home with our other two children still there.

Honest truth time - I want my husband back, I want my family together and healed. I need the Holy Spirit in all our lives. I need this other woman out of our lives permanently. I need my marriage restored. I have been praying, but I need more help. As a devout Catholic, I cannot accept that divorce is God's will for my life) I believe in the sanctity of marriage) I believe that nothing is impossible for God.
Please help me and teach me how to pray.

Yours in Christ Jesus

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