My Husband Calls The Other Woman While Making Love With Me.

by Mrs

My husband has lived and worked in another state for a number of years - 16 to be exact. I have visited several times and he comes home on occasion

During the time we are together he has a cell phone which he texts this other woman and continually hides this particular phone..After he leaves I find where he had it hid. He use to use his work phone for contact with her but since I knew he was using it to contact here he never brought it around and purchased another phone.

He has called me her name several times and the intimacy has changed on his part. Sometimes he stops he as if he is committing adultery against her.

His mindset is so different sometimes he can be very loving and at other times he is just off to himself.

When we are apart and talking on the phone he will get quite distant not listening then he will ask me to talk to him..that is so he can return his texting to her while he is on the phone with me.

He hides garments and stuff in the trunk of his car. Denies that it belongs to her. This situation has been going on for years and I know that he is very weak in this area.

Asked him if he needed to divorce and he will get frustrated and angry and says he wants his wife..I cannot understand this.

He has lost so much weight, use to be buff now he looks like an old man. I can feel the frustration and confusion in his voice and demeanor. I know he is lost, because he will read his Bible and want to pray but not for his situation.

I do not know this man anymore like I said he has completely changed.

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