My Husband Cheated And Left Me And The Kids

by Lyn
(Houston, Texas)

My marriage was on shaky ground for awhile. Finances,infidelity, and arguing played a part for this. I held a lot of bitterness toward my husband because of his past issues.

In March I found out by catching him at the casino with other woman, which turned out to be one his rampers from his job. She said they had been talking for six months and he had told her that we were already divorced and told her a bunch of lies to make himself like a victim which none of the lies were true.

Even after she found out all were lies she wanted him knowing we are married. Now he ignores the kids and I. Our oldest daughter texted him every day to tell him she loves him and she won't give up on him. He texted her back finally and says he loves them but to understand that dad and mom are not getting back together.

I pray for my marriage and family. Why do the kids and I have to feel so low and they be happy? Why does the other woman win my husband and not seek her own? This hurts.

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