My Husband Cheated With His Cleaner For 2 Years

by Gillian

My husband has been cheating on me with his cleaner in our matrimonial home for the past 2 years and I never knew of it till August when one ex security guard called me to tell me what was happening under my roof.

I confronted my husband, but he denied it and start picking quarrels with me , claiming I'm accusing him falsely till it resulted into a fight before he came out to admit it.

Help me pray for God to change my husband from this act of not being faithful to me but going out with other women.

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Dec 04, 2015
Prayer Changes Adulterous Husbands.
by: Osita

Gilian, let's pray against that spirit of lust in your husband.

Sign on to our free 'Help Me In Prayer!' so that we can start right away. God is able to change him to decent, faithful family man.

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