My Husband Cheated With My Best Friend

My husband cheated with my best friend (she is married too) and has refused to completely cut ties with her because they have a business together which I consider as a way to get together with each other.

He tells me he loves me, but he communicates to her more than he communicates to me. He has not come clean about all they nasty things that have transpired between them.

Her husband told me she came clean to him and admitted to having oral sex with him, but when I asked him, he refused. He has told me lies upon lies and has not shown remorse. He has a soul tie that needs to be broken, and above all he needs an encounter with God.

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Aug 15, 2018
Stop Your Husband From Cheating On You.
by: Osita

Hi, I know it is painful for your husband to cheat, and lie. But, even if he admits and continues to cheat, what's the use?

What you need to do is STOP him from cheating ...permanently. I believe it is only the Spirit of God that can do that. To get the Spirit of God inside him, you need the right deliverance prayers.

We can show you the prayers, and you will pray them. We can also pray along with you. God will do the job as he has done for hundreds of marriages this year.

Sign up for the free prayers from the top right side of our website and we begin.

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