My Husband Cheating With A Married Woman.

by Mrs

I and my husband got married traditionally we are yet to do the church and court wedding as I was pregnant and had to go have my baby because I gave birth in the US. We have been married for 8 months.

I was in America when my husband told me he had fallen out of love for me. He claimed he was pressured by completing our marriage rites and I told him he could do the rest of the marriages at his time. I thought we were good. Getting back to my country, my husband didn't make love to me for two weeks until I stumbled into a message on his phone telling this strange woman who is married that I was unhappy.

He let her know we were having issues to make her feel comfortable. He later apologized and told me he will refrain. But I kept praying because I knew he had not ended it. When I checked his dialed calls he calls her repeatedly, but I didn't let him know I checked his phone. I see things, I cry and pray. My baby is just 6 months old and my husband spends less time with us. He gets so hostile with me, but his attitudes fluctuates. He will be all-loving this minute, the next minute he is hostile. He is still seeing the strange woman.

He traveled recently and he barely called to check up on I and my baby. My husband totally changed since I had our baby and he met this strange woman. I have cried, prayed, even did three days dry fast and I am still praying but I need violent prayers to release my husband from the claws of a Jezebel and adulterous woman, and bring his heart back home. I am heart broken and I need to be in the right state of mind for my baby. Please pray for my marriage it means a lot to me.

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