My Husband Cheating With His Friend's Wife

by Sirisha
(Andhra Pradesh, India)

My husband has been having an affair with his friend's wife for about 15 years now.

This affair started before we got married and is still ongoing. I didn't know what was going on then but I once remembered him telling me they were just friends and I overheard him also telling her that we were relations.

I guess I was horribly naive and unsuspecting. I'm a Christian from Hindu background and really hurting by their affair which is still strong.

I weep over this and we quarrel daily in our home. Can you imagine, my husband even admires her more than me and tells me so. This so devastating.

I and my family members had to go to the woman's house to give her a warning to stay away from my husband but that achieved nothing.

My husband regularly discuss with this woman on phone and they meet often somewhere.

I really love my husband and want you to pray for him to break this affair and come back to me fully. Please pray for me.

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Nov 07, 2014
Prayer Can Crush The Cheating Habit
by: Osita

The most powerful force on earth to break longstanding and stubborn habit is still prayer. It has to be conducted according to scriptures and ceaselessly until the result is received.

Sirisha, I have prayed (and will continue) to pray for this matter. But you must determine to pray along too.

I recommend you subscribe to the e-zine on this site immediately so that you can pray effectively.

I believe God will give you this miracle soon.

You can also reach me at

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