My Husband Cheats With His Ex And Lies About It.

by Nz
(JHB, South Africa)

My husband and I have been married for 8 years. Last year I suspected he was cheating and angrily confronted him. That simply led to denial and crazy drama of breaking things mostly by me out of frustration.

This year I caught him on the phone with the ex girlfriend at 10pm. He claimed he was just offering her a job in his office.

Mid year, curiosity led me to his ever hidden phone, while he showered and I saw love texts from her and pictures. I called her and put her on speaker asking him who she was. He flat out denied knowing her, but later identified her as his ex. He also promised to stop whatever was going on between them.

Three months after this promise, with things looking good, if not great -- following months of strong prayer and fasting, as I had also decided to get back in line as a saved Christian, it happened again. He sent us (me and the woman) the same picture message at the same time.

I am hard on prayer, because I've known my husband as a good man, who doesn't fool around with women or any bad friends, but this guy is someone else. So I pray for my husband, that I married 8 years ago to return, and I pray to hear the truth but mostly that it's over between him and the woman and that he wants to go back to God as a Christian man.

It worries me that polygamy in our country and media is just flaunted as a trend. That's not helping much in our marriages, so I come to you - Christian child to another asking for prayers, not just for my marriage but many others.

Sadly some people I know have gone the divorce route, which is simply not an option for me. I promised God that I would be with my husband to the end of time and that's where I'm staying. Your help in this regard will be much appreciated.

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Dec 06, 2015
Targeted Prayers Will Always Defeat Divorce
by: Osita

I wholeheartedly agree that divorce will not work if married people learn to go to God in prayer with their challenges. Nothing is too hard for God to touch and change.

For you, I suggest you start the targeted prayers to stop this unclean spirit from ruining your home.

Sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our site and I will reach out to you to start the prayers.

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