My Husband Flirting With His Two Ex-Wives

by Laurel

I caught my husband texting his most resent ex wife a couple months back(saw the pics and flirting) and confronted him.

We have been working on our marriage and I thought it was going better till a week and a 1/2 ago he's starting the same thing with his first ex wife. He has visited her... Don't know how physical his infidelity is but I don't know what to do.

He isn't close to God and I pray throughout the day God works his way in my husbands heart. I need God, not just for myself, but for him too.

I can't stand the thought in the end my husband won't be saved. Because of how things happened a couple months back I feel my relationship with God is getting back on track.

Over this past week I feel some peace and I know in the end God's will will be done. He wants more people to come to Him, I just pray my husband is there too.

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