My Husband Found A Woman Who Could Cook And Care For Him.

Married 15 years, past three he has been asking me to change or he was going to find a girlfriend to truly care and cook for him.

Sex also has been an issue for him due to his diabetes, so he is not cheating in that sense. I took that as an empty threat and now he has found a woman that as best as I can describe to be a Jezebel. I've met her and spoken with her and she is one of those overly nice people.

He says that all they do is kiss and go out together that he never cheated nor would he until we are divorced. He has never been a liar and I don't see him starting now. It hurt to hear but when I asked if he was in love with her he said he didn't know but no longer dreads waking up in the morning.

I have actually started changing for the better myself but he says it's too late. We need this woman out of our lives so that we can rebuild a whole new marriage, even though the marriage wasn't all bad I would like to not go back to it. Thanking you in advance for praying for me and for the countless others you have helped.

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