My Husband Got Me And The Other Woman Pregnant At The Same time.

by Lisa
(Western Cape)

My husband walked out in April 2016. By May, he was involved with another woman. He moved to his mom; she encouraged the affair and soon the other woman moved in with him in his family home for four months.

Occasionally he would send me emails or whatsapps telling me how great she is and how I had my chance with him but its her turn now. After three of no contact, he told me he loves her and he wants a divorce. He asked to see our son and it was the first time in four months that he saw our four year old.

That night we made love like high school kids, he cried. The following week was our fifth year wedding anniversary, and I asked him if we could go away. We did but he was so fake and distant.

My hubby told me he would leave her if I apologised to his mom. So I did, we went for counseling, we had the soulties broken... 2 months he was back to the other woman. So I stopped counseling.

I moved into a flat with my three kids. My hubby would pop in and we would make love but he always went back to her. March it was confirmed she's pregnant. A week later I find out I too am pregnant with twins. When he found out she's pregnant he took her on a date. When he found out I'm pregnant he told me he wants a divorce.

I have been fasting, praying and begging God to restore my marriage. So far I confronted his mother and she told me her son won't go back to me if i cant tell her how I'm going to treat the new baby from the other woman. My mom in law has given this woman her full support.

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