My Husband Having Affairs With Mothers Of Our Baseball Kids.

by Kim

My husband and I have been married almost five years. Two years ago, he had two affairs with mothers from our kids baseball team. Both short lived, and he didn't admit it until confronted by the husbands. He was broken sorry and ashamed. We went to counseling he was put on medication and was a changed man.

Now, this past April, I caught him in a hotel room with my friend. He's been lying, going places with her and her kid and my step kids. They are getting bolder and bolder but he still claims they are friends. I've cried, begged and pleaded. He is very back and forth with me. One week he wants to work things out, then he doesn't.

The problem besides this woman is his MOTHER. She hates me but she hates me because of his lies. I finally called her last night and told her what I've been dealing with.

His kids are miserable, this is going to start affecting his job of coaching sports (parents are already gossiping about him cheating with three parents from our district and they don't want him near their kids).

I'm scared for him and his mental state. When he is not manic, or whatever he is doing, he is a good person. I see the good in him. I need help and prayers to get him back home, to the doctor and to the counselor as quickly as I can.

Any help is appreciated. I love him despite everything.

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