My Husband Impregnanted Same Girl Twice.

by Madge
(Toronto, Canada)

My husband had an affair with his staff way back in 2014. There were nights he would not come home or days he would miss important occasions or coming home without a single penny left.

In Jan 2015, I thought it was a new start for us already, but I found out it was not yet over between them. I asked my husband to move out (biggest mistake I did), he found a place and when the girl found out, she moved in with him.

During this time, my husband will still come home on weekends and we would be intimate. On Mondays he would drop me off at my work then he will not come home again until the following weekend.

This went on until I found the girl was pregnant but my husband would always tell me how much he wants to fix things with me. But he was in a situation that was hard for him.

He came back to us after I found out the girl was pregnant, but when the girl was about to give birth, he went to her. He would explain that the girl has no other family to help her. However, she has a family but chooses to deny them so as to make my husband be with her.

This situation continued until the girl gave birth but got pregnant again by my husband. The first baby was only 10 months old when she got pregnant again.

My husband is with me now and I can see his determination to set things right. But the girl still holds on to him. and I know he feels guilty about the girl's situation. There are certain instances wherein the girl would scheme to keep him by making him feel guilty. She does not want to give up. She does not take care of their first baby and the baby was with her sister in the province. She does not bring the baby to her home because she wants to have the place just for her and my husband.

I want to fully trust my husband again. Is it ok for my husband to visit the girl in the hospital if the girl gives birth? Is it fine for me to allow him? I'm confused on what to do! Should I be firm or allow him as I feel for the girls also since I am also a mother.

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