My Husband Infected Me With STD But Won't Stop Cheating.

by Juanita

I and my husband have been married for 27 years. We have four wonderful children. Three grown and one daughter who is eight years old. We've had some issues for a while now. I did not know it was this bad until I had STD back in September 2016.

He came clean that he slept with someone. We dicussed our issues and he told me it was a one time thing. I know who she is. She's an ex co-worker of his.

We went into marriage counseling but had to stop because of his job. He says he loves me but is not in love with me.

He is still seeing this woman. I've seen texts and I know he calls her. It's like she keeps pulling him in. He's in love with her and she wants to be his wife and he wants to be her husband but he tells her he can't leave.

I love my husband very much and I want our marriage back. I'm still in love with my husband. I believe he is still in love with me but Satan has this hold on him through this woman.
They both know it's wrong but continues to see each other.

When I make love to him I'm kissing him but he won't return my kisses. He won't even open his mouth or move his lips. He did it one time and haven't since. He doesn't make love to me it's just sex. He doesn't know I know he's still sleeping with her. We laugh, talk and have fun with each other but there's not much intimacy between us. Not like it should be.

He told her he's still with me because of our daughter and because he have too much to loose.

Please pray with me and for my husband's salvation and repentance. Pray that God will open his heart and return to our marriage fully dedicated. That he'll walk away from that adulterous relationship and that woman. Pray that God will touch her heart too. That she will walk away from him.

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Mar 13, 2017
Take Strength By Grace
by: Anonymous

I can relate to your story and it's hard. Only God can give us the strength to deal with these situations and give us answers.

I am praying hard and I hope the situation gets better. Stay strong for your kids. Stay positive and keep your faith. God will work you through it.

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