My Husband Is A Good Man, But Still Cheating.

by Ashley
(Highlands Ranch, USA)

My husband left me for an another woman he works with. We have three children together, a newborn who's 10 weeks old, a daughter and a son.

My son was from a. Previous relationship and my husband adopted him in 2012. Things haven't been perfectly lately for I have postpartum depression that just recently I've been treated for, so prior to the meds I was yelling and arguing and disrespecting my husband alot.

Likely I was disrespecting even before our pregnancy. We have had our highs and lows, but this homewrecker can't take him from me. God sent him to me when I was a shell of a woman, he has been there when I needed him the most. He has always been good to me, cooked for me, helped with the kids, always made me feel beautiful and loved.

Today when he came to visit the kids, he was finally wearing his ring again. He hasn't for 3 weeks. But he's still being influenced by her, he thinks he's in love with her and doesn't love me anymore.

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