My Husband Is A Lost Womanizer.

by Angie
(Milwaukee, Wi)

My husband has for years had a cycle of women he went through... five years ago I got in the mix.

For months, maybe a year, at a time for no reason he would start a fight and cut me off then he would go to the other two women. Then back to me and so on until February 2013 when he says the Holy Spirit came to him telling him not have premarital sex and that I'm to be his wife.

Amazingly, we practiced abstinence for 8 weeks until our wedding. Though he still showed his temper but that wasn't abusive.

A year later when I was pregnant he got verbally and emotionally abusive. He was denying me sex and I know it's because satan was telling him I wasn't perfect anymore. Also abusive progressed.

There were his friends tempting him of his old life of being single and free.

February 19 I found out he was looking at pornography again which has always been a big issue in our marriage. I told him if I ever found out he was cheating on me I would do some bad things at that moment.

Later, he told me that he was leaving me because he couldn't face consequences of his lies anymore and that he didn't love me anymore and that it's much for him to support this family financially and emotionally.

I ended up yelling back at him prior to him leaving when he was abusing me verbally in front of our kids.

Later, he was seen with some other woman but when I confronted him, he laughed in a strange manner. I know there must be a spiritual sickness and I know Satan has taken over his thoughts and given him lies about me.

I pray daily for Satan to leave him alone I don't know if I'm praying correctly but I know that I want him back to our marriage and to God before things go too far.

One last thing I want to add, he told me weeks ago that he prayed about us and that nothing is telling him to come back to me. I told him that is not God. God wants us to come together to fight the enemy in our marriage.

Thank you for your patience and prayers. God bless you

If we could all come together and pray for my marriage at 12 PM central standard time today and also include in the prayer any other woman in our world that is experiencing the same story, the same pain. I want to pray for healing for my marriage and for all marriages. Thank you.

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