My Husband Is A Serial Unrepentant Adulterer

by Ibidunni
(Lagos, Nigeria)

My husband of over 30 years has been committing adultery since the first year of our marriage and only became obvious in the last five years.

In particular, he always has about four married mistresses at any point in time. We have quarrelled, argued, discussed severally over his numerous affairs and he told me categorically about two months ago that all men cheat except for about 10%.

He further went to say God will not allow him to be part of the 10% who will not cheat on their wives.( I rejected this statement) We have four children ( 3 females and 1 male) with the first daughter married.

The children love him for he takes care of them and he says they must never know for it will shatter his relationship with them. He keeps on saying he loves me, yet he sleeps with steady mistresses and one night stand.

I got to know about the issue of one night stand when we had to be treated for Chlamydia and confronted him. I even volunteered for him to use condom with me and have his unprotected sex outside which he declined.

Recently now, I had another kind of infection which I can't remember and also from him.
I do not wish to leave him for I love him and we relate very well at home and keep up the pretence in the presence of a third party . We attend church together on sundays but vehemently refused family altar and insist we should pray separately.

He has been having an affair with a police officers' wife for the past 5 years which I advised him to desist from so as not to incur the wrath of God and her husband but they are still on with the illicit affair. I even confronted the lady though my husband claimed they have stopped but they only became more discreet with the affair. Meanwhile, he has three other women.

Kindly join me in prayers for our Heavenly Father to grant him His salvation and deliver him from the spirit of adultery.

I have prayed and fasted and starting another fasting as from tomorrow.

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Dec 09, 2015
Your Husband Could Be Free With Targeted Power Prayers.
by: Osita

Ibidunni, your husband is captive of many unclean spirits of lust and perversion.

You need to engage the right prayers for his freedom. Sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our website.

I shall communicate to you immediately so that we can start to break this filthy oppression of demons.

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