My Husband Is A Stubborn Cheater.

by lynnah
(Manila, Philippines)

I badly needed to pray also for my prodigal spouse. He moved in to his mistress. No matter what strategy I use, It won't change anything.

I was really depressed and desperate right now. He used to be a family man and ideal father to my daughter until such woman stolen my husband's heart.

I don't know but sometimes I feel so hopeless that he may come back home. I also don't want to beg that he may stay for our daughter. I wanted him to come at his own will and realized that a family is worth fighting for.

Please help me with my battle.

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Nov 20, 2017
My husband is a stubborn cheater
by: Shereen

I am having the same feelings as well it doesn't seems as if he wants to return home.I think this woman as turned his love for myself and his children. He doesn't have a good relationship with them anymore. Sometimes it looks as if he wants to come home and another time I am not sure but I'll pray for you as well.God can move mountains just pray and believe.

Apr 08, 2016
Right Prayers Always Recover Cheating Husbands.
by: Osita

Hi, there is a right way and wrong way in prayers to turnaround your husband.

I will like to pray with you to win back your husband and save your marriage, through targeted prayers.

To start, sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our website and we'll get in touch immediately.

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