My Husband Is Addicted To Prostitutes And Drugs.

by Anon
(Lakehills, Texas )

My husband is 51 years old and we've been married for 19 years.

We were saved and gave our marriage to Christ, then he had an affair and I wanted out but he persuaded me to stay for counseling. I am grateful because I began to have a deep relationship with Christ. I believed that he had been touched by the Holy Spirit and our marriage would be a great testomony to others.

Soon after he was involved in drugs and solicitation of prostitution. He developed a drug addiction, is currently awaiting trail for dui. Totaled his pickup and almost died.

He has taken money from our household and retirement without consent. He is in constant contact with many women. He confesses his love for me, or I should say he tries to manipulate me into staying.

He is with hookers or escorts everyday. He has backpage ads and often calls women to hotel rooms. Every business trip includes a hooker or escort. I have finally left the abusive and evil relationship. It still hurts me and has really taken a toll on my self esteem.

Of course there are many other tragic things that have happened during our marriage. I fear that the lifestyle he is leading will send him to jail, death and maybe even hell. He is lost and serving Satan and his evil spirits. But I pray that that can change soon, for I fear that he doesn't have much time to get it right.

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