My Husband Is Always Womanizing And Partying.

(Oregon, USA)

My husband moved out a year ago, he said he couldn't live with me anymore. Come to find out that he just wanted to party and womanize.

I believed all the lies until our son came to help his father with business. He flaunted his affairs and partying in front of him. During all this he would come over and we would go on dates and sometimes he would spend the night.

Then one day my son broke down and told me all about the other women, the lies and partying. My son also told our daughter. I feel so betrayed and ashamed. About two months ago he asked if we could go to marriage counseling. I said yes but only if your being monogamous, absolutely no more women and you cannot communicate or hang with those women.

Also no more drugs, partying or womanizing. He agreed! Since then I found out he went out of town for the weekend with one of the women, he hangs with her all the time. He is never available on the weekends I would hear from him usually later in the day on Sunday. Last Friday I got a call from a friend who informed me that he's been dating another woman for two months.

More lies, more deceit. It just doesn't end.

He has not repented and I believe he does not feel he's done or doing anything wrong. I pray for our marriage, I pray for myself, I pray for the lord to open his eyes. I know the lord hates divorce but I am so sick of the lies and deceit. I also have prayed that I will forgive these women who knows he's married.

Please any and all prayers would be appreciated.

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