My Husband Is Captivated This Strange Woman

by Denell

I have been with my husband 40 years; he has cheated for 28 years. I have been loyal to him.

I'm by no means perfect but he's involved with a strange woman who is really a witch. He has lost his sense of reasoning and I know this it is the work of the devil.

Please guide me on breaking soul ties.

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Jul 11, 2017
Pray For My Husband To Return Home To Us.
by: Anonymous

Please remember my little family in your prayers. We are going through divorce after 20years of marriage and haven't spoken to him ever since April when I found out he was cheating.

He left the house and moved out of state to where she lives. We have 3 beautiful daughters that are so hurt by what's going on.

Please pray with me that God will bring him home and give our family another chance to be together. Thank you for your prayers.

Mar 23, 2017
Prayers Will Release Him From That Demonic Hold.
by: Osita

Hi, we can help you obtain prayer points and also pray along with you until your victory comes. That's the mandate our ministry has.

Let's get started. Sign on to the free 'Get Prayer Help Now!' from the right side of our site and we'll reach you with targeted prayers and counsel to recover your cheating husband and marriage.

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