My Husband Is Cheating Just Like His Father

by Diana

Please pray for my marriage of 23 years. He left 6 weeks ago after I followed him and finally caught him waiting for his "friend".

After the confrontation, I was completely smashed emotionally and spiritually. I don't remember most of that week. He moved out of the house quickly and got an apartment. He has been avoiding me and the children. He is a Christian and that is the most upsetting part about this to me. He twists scripture and has continually said that I am not a submissive wife by not giving him his space.

He got mad that I followed him. He still tried to deny things to the church and family. Although the third night after he got caught he did admit to me he has been "doing the wrong things" but only because I am not "100% with him". He is so confused. Nothing he is saying makes sense and I can't help but feel depleted.

I ask you to please pray these chains off of my husband and my family.
His father was also a cheater and it gave my mother in law a stroke eventually and then she passed. She always was a policewoman so to speak because she claimed he was unfaithful.

The infidelity came out later after she passed and my husband broke down and told me what his father really was and how he would force my husband to lie to his mother about his whereabouts. My husband just recently told me this 2 years ago. So this is something I believe to be a generational curse. Please pray for the family.
Thank you and God bless you!

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