My husband Is Cheating, Lying and Using Drugs.

by Jamie
(Michigan )

I’m in my late 20s, so is my husband. We've been together for some years, we have two small children.

My husband and I did drugs socially before we were married. I left those evils when we had our first child but he didn’t. Rather, he cheated, then would promise he would change but it only got worse.

Today, he’s out there doing drugs and messing around with other women and even care for their kids but not his own. Our children adore him and I have the biggest heart and love for him. I’m willing to forgive but I would be devastated if he overdosed or had another child outside.

I’m remaining faithful and pray every night that God changes him and bring him back to us. But I notice his mental state of mind is very childlike and I pray that God changes that as well.

Can someone please give me advice on how to pray or hope or even tell me they’re believing with me. I don’t even have money for a divorce if I had to force myself to go there.

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