My Husband Is Cheating On Me With A Neighbor's Daughter


my husband and I have been married for 10 years. This is the second marriage for both of us. He is a widower and I a divorcee. We both have a son each from the previous marriages but we do not have any children together.

When my husband retired 3 years ago that he got involved with a girl almost his daughter's age and impregnated her. He rented a house for her and supported her all this time without my knowledge while I was working. He would sleep out maybe 2 days in a month and pretended he was in a nite club.

The girl came to my home one afternoon to tell me the whole story and that the child was my husband's. This broke my heart and I wept for several days asking God why this was happening to me. We had planned to have 4 children together before marriage and we failed to have any.

This girl is now becoming so possessive that she makes excuses that their child is not well so that she sees him any time she wants and demands money all the time.
It was on xmas day that I discovered where she lived. My husdand just disappeared without saying where he was going. I found my husband and the girl half naked. She insulted me and said she wanted to give my husband another child.

There was a fight and she rushed to the police to report the matter. My husband was summoned and ordered to pay huge sums of money. This girl has vowed never to leave my hsband and my husband claims he just supports the child.
I feel my marriage is breaking apart. Maybe if I had a child with him things would be better, now I am 48 and think I can conceive at this age.

Help me pray over my barrenness and help me pray over my husband.

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