My Husband Is Controlled By His Family.

by L
(Mumbai, India)

We got married on 23rd Oct 2011. We have got a baby girl who was born in Jan 2014. Before my baby's birth I was working. I gave up my job after my baby's birth to look after her.

As soon as I gave up my job, my life changed drastically. When I was working my husband had asked me to contribute financially at home and I was doing it.Even all my financial needs were taken care by me.

We were staying with my inlaws. The house belongs to my inlaws. My in laws were mentally torturing me and my husband started supporting them after my sister in law (his sister) asked us to move out of the house. I moved out of that house in April 2015 and came to stay with my parents. My husband took a rental house after seven months. I was very happy that we started staying together.

First month went very good but my husband started the arguments. He even lost the job and he put the blame on me. His mother wanted him to come back and stay with her. We went for retreat after that there was big argument and fight between us. He left the house but came back after three days.

Our 11 month lease got over he left me and baby and went to stay with his mother's aunty. Last year on October 4th 2016 I came back to my fathers house because he was not ready to take a house on rent neither he was looking out for job.

He always trys to put me down in front of other female. He says he loves me but his action doesnt say so. He will hardly communicate with me. He is so concerned about his own family and will do everything for them but for me and our child he is least bothered. I was taking care of our child independently.

From Feb 2017 he started giving money for our expenses. My child doesnt allow me to leave her go to work.

Please help me.

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