My Husband Is Deep Into Online Games With Girls

by Marie
(Atlanta, GA)

The last 3 years of my marriage has been rocky with adultery. It started 2 years ago with a mutual friend that was just talking. My husband says there was NO sex or physical things happening. My husband was very remorseful and we both became closer to Christ through it.

He met with a man at Church and read books to help him get over the sexual sin. Now 2 years later, he has been caught talking inappropriately online to a girl through a game that he plays. At first, we decided he needed to leave the home. After a day, I spoke with him and we talking things over. I asked for us to reconcile and go to counseling. He agreed. He remained in the home. Our communication is not good.

He continues to play his game, which I am not comfortable with. He stopped talking to this girl through his online game. However 4 weeks later he was caught talking to another girl on this same game. They send pictures to one another and talk about how they want to see each other. I am not sure where she lives.

When confronted, he says he is not doing it anymore. He claims to stop texting her, however they both play the online game together and talk on that daily. He continues to have contact with this girl. I am not sure what the contact is, as he does not share his phone with me. He keeps his phone with him most of the time and the one time I was able to search it, he had erased all messages from this girl.

I pray for Satan to flee from my husband and to reclaim my marriage. I do nothing but pray all the time. Prayer is the only thing I am holding on to, as I see no effort from my husband to stop the game. Our communication is becoming less and less. He works late every night, as he plays his game at work. It has been 7 weeks since I first found out about the first girl. He remains in the home and we have our second counseling session next week.

I am very close to my giving up point. I am an emotional wreck most days. It is hard seeing my husband on his game sitting on the couch while I am just working around the house. It is hard at 1 am seeing my husband in our bed on his game.

The game he claims is an outlet for him. I get that, however I say that if he truly wants this marriage to work, something has to give. He can not do both. I can not see both. I don't want to be the one who gives him a choice "the game or me?" but I know that I might not have a choice soon. When is enough, enough? When do I say, I give up Lord? I can't do this any longer? I can't watch this from my husband.

Please pray for God to give me wisdom and direction. Also pray for my husband to be willing. Thanks!

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