My Husband Is Engaged To Another Woman.


My husband and I have been married for 14 years. He has cheated through out our marriage because of what he felt i did before we were engaged.

The first time he cheated broke my trust in him, but I stayed true to him and my marital vows. I may not have been the most easiest person to deal with but neither was he. I believe we were living our lives without God.

I am feeling the righteous path and wanting to save my marriage, but sadly in February this year he asked for divorce. He has become engaged to the woman who he claims he has been in a relationship since November 15 2014. He is now very cold towards me and won't forgive me for hurting his feelings and not knowing how to deal with an alcoholic for 9 years.

I feel my marriage is worth saving only if he becomes a man of the Lord.

My family and I need praying for marriage restoration and fulfillment.

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Jul 28, 2015
God Can Heal Your Marriage.
by: Osita

If things go wrong in a marriage, you need God who is the author of marriage, to restore it.

You encounter God in targeted prayers and counseling. And that's what God has helped us to do.

Subscribe to the free ezine, 'Help Me In Prayer!' so that we can partner with you and get the power of God work for your marriage.

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