My Husband Is In a Crazy Emotional Relationship With This Woman.

by SL Lovey

I pray that God Almighty will intervene to stop my husband from cheating. Before we got married he always said that he would never cheat on me. Now he has allowed some strange woman to enter in emotionally.

Please pray Matthew 18:19 that God will break the sole tie made with this woman whom he has to keep texting, excusing himself to go to the bathroom and check his phone. He won't answer his phone when a call comes in front of me but will wait a few minutes then go away from me to check it.

He wakes up in the early morning checking his phone, gets cranky, starts an argument with me when he may not have heard from her, always on the Internet or texting but not communicating with me, his wife.

We use to read the bible together but now we don't. I am hurting and have lost my trust with him and I feel suspicious all the time. I am getting tired. I pray that what God has joined together no man put asunder.

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