My Husband Is In Adultery With His Niece And Other Women

by Joyce
(Sydney, Australia)

Please help to pray for my husband to break away from this spiritual bond and soul ties with his niece and also from his siblings and other women. They have a bond over him and influencing him and this weakens our marriage.

I have no say in anything, his siblings are priority. My hubby and niece have an unrighteous, lustful desire for each other. She is married and both of them are caught up in this adultery bondage. My husband's brothers are in adulterous relations having mistresses and are also abusive to their wives.

I and my sisters in law have to endure to keep our marriage together. I want a restored and healed marriage and also the salvation of my husband and my son Justin.

Please help to pray for deliverance, healing, restoration of my marriage, family and salvation of souls from adultery. Thank you very much.

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Jun 20, 2016
Cheater Husband Also Lusts After His Niece
by: Anonymous

Husband has cheated numerous times before ( found numbers, spoke to a few, one was a friend. I am a person of color and he likes white women which I am not. He expects me to be okay with it all and expects me to perform for him like all is okay. He also looks at his adult niece in a perverted way.

When we are out he looks at other women like he wants them. I am so sick of his sick ways ! When I confront him , he says I am seeing things.
He wants me to do acts that he received from his women in the streets and has the nerve to get mad if I don't do it for him?!

I ask , how is it that you like this Ct so much when we don't do that certain act as a regular. Please help.

Oct 30, 2015
Let God Change Your Cheating Husband Through Prayers
by: Osita

Joyce, targeted prayers could ultimately change your husband from immorality to a decent and responsible family man.

Let's get started with the right prayers. Register for the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of any page of my website.

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