My Husband Is Serial Cheater With 3 Children From 3 Other Women.

by Janine
(Kampala, Uganda)

My husband of 28 years is a serial cheater. He has children with three other women. I am the legal wife and have looked after our three children on my own for years.

He left at some point and came back.

Now he is in a sexual relationship with two other women in our neighbourhood. One is his friend's wife, a mother with two children, the other a single mother. I have heard their foolish banter over the late night calls made and seen the suggestive pics that they send him. I was shocked by the fact that he asks them when they can go have sex, and makes lewd comments and encourages them. He is also into pornography.

I worked out of town for years and thought I could save my marriage on my own. What I discovered in his phone is shocking and so disappointing. I had to check because he is always texting, calling and receiving messages but has no respect even when I am in the room.

Pray for me because it is so humiliating. I am unemployed currently and sickly. Makes it difficult to move and make a fresh start.

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Sep 26, 2018
Right Prayers Shatters The Spirit Of Cheating
by: Osita

You need to join our prayer partnership for your marriage.
Perhaps, you've not prayed what you should or how you should.

Let me guide you to dismiss the spirit of cheating your husband and save your marriage through targeted prayers.
We'll pray with you and counsel you until you succeed.

To start, sign on to the free ‘Get Prayer Help Now!' from the right side of our website
and we'll get in touch immediately.

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