My Husband Keeps Secrets His Children From Me.

My husband has 3 kids outside our 2 year old marriage. Although we have been dating for 8 years, the 3rd child was conceived a year before we were married.

He has kept me outside the raising of his 3rd child and secretly sees the child and mother without my knowledge. Even his family members meet with his babymama and the child secretly. I have talked to him about this but he denies seeing the child secretly despite blatant evidence that he does. He communicates with the mother of the child daily, extensively.

He is a good husband in other areas. Doesn't resemble a cheating husband as he sandwitches his activities with his daily work duties. But I'm concerned that he insists or allows his babymama to come between us.

I pray that my husband stops lying to me. I pray that he doesn't cheat on me. I pray that he involves me in raising his biological children as they are our children.

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Nov 25, 2015
God Will Intervene If You call Him In Properly.
by: Osita

Your husband may be cheating on you with his children mamas.

You need to pray really hard for this to stop.

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