My Husband Left For Another Woman, I Wanted To Die.

by Tascha

Last year my husband and I separated. This was in my mind because of regular marital problems. However shortly after, I found out that there was another woman. This was the cause of his coldness in the house months before.

I was six months pregnant with our third child when he left. I tried to be brave for my other two children at the age of five and six months. I continue getting up taking them to school and trying to be as normal as possible. This was in hope that he would come back.

Rather he began to bring the woman in my home without my knowledge. She was picking up my children at daycare when I was at work. It was the daycare teacher who told me. I lost my mind, literally.

I tried to kill my self when I was pregnant. I didn't want to standby and see my husband and children living this life without me. I know that's, horrible and selfish thought . But I was lost, I didn't understand the power of tomorrow. Because of the suicide attempt CPS got involved.

My children where taken away. The day after they took my children, my grandmother who I thought was my soulmate died. It's been five months since my life stopped. Everything I got up for now gone.

My husband is living with the woman and my children. I only get to visit three times a week. My confusion, is my husband will not divorce me. Although he's been with this woman for a year. Yet, he won't let me go. I live in Texas, where you can not divorce unless it is uncontested. So is this God, stopping me from divorcing? Or the Devil trying to keep me in pain?

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