My Husband Left Home When His Mistress Had His Baby.

by Jacqueline
(Charlotte, North Carolina)

My husband of 21 years left me for his mistress the day their child was born but yet I would like to reconcile with him. He admits he made a mistake but says he can't come home yet as he said God hasn't told him that yet.

He claim to pray for answers but hasn't gotten one so maybe God wants him to stay with his mistress. I know God wouldn't tell anyone to leave their wife for the mistress even if the affair has resulted in a child.

I need prayer for reconciliation and marriage restoration. I thank you in advance for your prayers concerning my situation.

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Oct 15, 2017
In the same boat NEW
by: Anonymous

I am curious to see what happened in this story. My husband of 11 years has been cheating since year one. Thus time with the women of an 8 year affair she too was married. And got her pregnant and he left me when she was 5months. He told me God hardened his heart like Pharoah to release me from the marriage and heal me of my depression and God put Amy in his life for a reason. We both were saved several years back and have two beautiful children who are hurting. His daughter caught sexting 3 years ago and her husband caught it then too. He continues to be very mean and blame me for everything. He said he could not burden my depression anymore. Which started 2 years into my marriage after I caught him cheating. And people kept telling me he was cheating and he lied saying they were lying and my depression got worse.
But God has worked with me since being separated in December 2016. I have not had depressive bouts...lost 60 lbs gained in depression. And I most often feel happier. Only God can do this.
But I still live him with Gods love and God is not for divorce. All I can do is battle thus one on my knees. Against the spirits in him...her...and his family who have accepted her and now hate me openly and say hateful comments about me to or in front of the children. Only God can do this.

Apr 16, 2015
Prayers Make Husbands Love Their Wives For Life.
by: Osita

You are right there; God would not ask any man to leave his wife for his mistress.

When we pray God takes over and will talk to your husband in the 'language' he will understand. I believe your husband will be back to you soon.

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