My Husband Left To Live With His Mistress.

by Leal

My Christian husband of 25 years left me 6 months ago and is now with his affair partner and her kids. He had an affair with her 3-6 years ago and we dealt with it the best we could when I found out, even though i was deeply shocked. I thought we were happy.

But six months ago I found out it was still off and on since. He also saw prostitutes over the years, picked up women on business trips and has become the expert liar. He tells our kids he is not in adultery because we are now separated (he left us).

He spends most of his time with her kids and barely puts any time or effort into our kids. I feel so helpless and so lost. My kids are teens and just can't wait to move away so they don't have to deal with this. They are really hurt and grieve for the loss of their dad who is a different person now.

I don't believe in divorce. But I want a husband who wants to be here, and not one always looking for the next sexual encounter. I want the man who said 'till death do us part.' I don't know who this guy is, and I can't bear the thought of him lost to the plans of the devil . I want my marriage back, I want a man who I can trust, but I wont be in a marriage with three people.

Please help me know what to do. Everyone tells me to move on and never let him back into my life. Part of me wants to move on and says I am a fool for praying him back into my life. Part of me says God hates divorce and pray him back and don't give up. He has given up on me ages ago and brings so much hurt. Very confused.

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Jul 06, 2016
Pray The Right Prayers, Your Cheating Husband Will Return.
by: Osita

Hi, your spirit that doesn't want you to give up on your husband and marriage is the right spirit.

God is faithful and will help you if you ask Him according to His will. Let us demonstrate this in targeted prayers.

Sign on to the free 'Get Prayer Help Now!' from the right side of our website and I will get in touch with you for the targeted prayers.

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