My Husband Moved Out Without Explanation


My husband abandoned me and our son three weeks ago without a cause, excuse or explanation. And no contact at all from him.

He has been in adultery in the past. I am trying to be strong, praying over him day and night. It is our little boy that's so emotionally upset and confused. I catch our little boy crying every day and he says "mommy I've been praying for daddy to come home so we can be a family again but my prayers are not working mommy, please tell Jesus to help daddy and bring him home mommy".

I love my husband so much and I have already forgiven him for what he's done to my heart and our door is open for him.

Also we are losing our home due to his choices he's made financially over the past few months. Again i caught our little boy crying and this time he was in his room. I said tell mommy whats on your heart baby. He said " mommy I don't want to move out of our home. I wont have my own room anymore or all of my toys at my grandmother's house. Mommy, please, ask Jesus to make everything all better mommy"

Please everyone please pray for my husband to quickly turn away from whatever and/or whomever took him away and quickly come home to us IN THE HOLY NAME OF JESUS.

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Sep 26, 2015
God Can Return Your Wayward Husband.
by: Osita

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