My Husband Moving Loves Many Women

by Charm
(South Korea)

I'm Filipino and my husband is 55 years. We have been married for 13 years now and we don't have a child yet due to issues with my body.

My husband had affair with a woman who later had a child for him. The woman was also married, so their affair caused a break-up with her husband.

Their relationship started in 2006 and lasted till February, 2011. He later met another girl in a bar with whom he started an affair again. I was shocked and almost lost my mind when I read their communication on how they planned to have kids.
This hurt me real bad. My husband even gave her his ATM card but he never did that for me all these years we've been married.

From that time on my husband changed a lot and it seems he is thinking of divorcing me. I have been crying helplessly that he never cares.

I texted the girl but she was arrogant and angry but promised to stay away from my husband; she even said " he is all yours" which made it look as if he's just my boyfriend.

But my husband didn't want to give her up so he moved to Philippines because we are staying here in Korea, his native country.

I feel strongly he's up to something there but I don't have any clue if it's with same girl. Since the day i knew about it, my heart is aching.

I have been thinking a lot, crying and not calm. From January I keep on praying a lot. But it seems no change on him. I love him so much and I don't like a broken marriage.

By the way my husband has a son and a daughter from previous marriage.

My husband used to say he disliked divorce and that our marriage would be forever. But he has changed so much and doesn't tell me how he loves me anymore.

So please I need your fervent prayer with me. Please lets pray together.

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Feb 18, 2015
Targeted Prayer Can Heal The Cheating Husband
by: Osita

Charm, subscribe to the ezine "Help Me In Prayer!" so that we can start praying for your husband's change.

God is faithful and the prayers would work for you.

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