My Husband Now Lives With The Other Woman

by Olga Lopez

I left my husband because I caught him cheating more than once. I wish that I had found your site and advice before I left big.

I was so angry and hurt and just wanted out but now I realize I did wrong.

After I left he moved in with his lover. As I realized my mistake, I have been praying for him to come back but nothing much has happened yet.

Though he visits me often, he lives with the other woman - making me seem like the lover while she is his sweetheart. My fear is that he appears to be serious with that woman.

Please pray for me to have him back fully and completely. I want God to change him and rescue him from the clutches of this woman. I love him and want our marriage restored (we have two sons).

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Oct 31, 2014
Your Prayer Can Win Him Back
by: Osita

Lopez, it is good that you are praying for your marriage. That's the right and proper thing to do. You shall succeed in Jesus Name!

You will need to pray for mercy for the mistakes of the past, then wisdom to handle situations with your husband as he comes and goes. The third part of your prayers is to release the forces of God to break the bind holding him to the strange woman.

You know what? I'm praying those prayers for you already. When I pray, I get results. That's how it should be for everyone because it is the promise of God.

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