My Husband of 22 Years Abandoned Me And His 2 Children

by Sherelle
( USA)

My husband left the home July, last month, the kids and I haven't seen him since that day and he has not called us either. He did email the kids but no call. Our home is in foreclosure and I'm in desperate need to try to save the home for our family.

He was the sole provider financially due to me being unemployed for medical reasons. He told me to leave my job and he would handle everything. He told me that he loved his family and don't know what he would do without us now this.

I looked in his phone and found out that he cheated on me again which made it three times now. He looked so disappointed when I found out. My husband used to be so into God's word and was so anointed and into the church as well, but all of that has stopped. The enemy has definitely come to our home to destroy.

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