My Husband Of 25 Years Suddenly Cheated And Left Home.

by Tina

Me and my husband been married for about 25 years we always did a lot of things together we have three kids together.

One day he stayed gone all day until that night, came back and acting real strange so I knew something wasn't right. I searched his phone and saw a text to another woman, and he was saying things to her that I wouldn't ever think he would say to another woman. I asked him about it. He denied it and told me he didn't know where that came from. I was upset so I went by mom's but when I came back home he took his work clothes and left.

He never came back and refused to talk. My son don't understand why he did what he did; my other two kids are so hurt. It's been about three months now and I never thought he could do something like that because we were close family.

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