My Husband Of 26 Years Has Filed For Divorce.

by Marsha
(Miami, OK. USA)

I have been married to my husband for 26 years but together since 1980. We have no children but he has 3 from a earlier marriage.

My husband is retired from law enforcement career. He also had a prostrate cancer with removal in 2009 (which I guess is a huge deal to a man)since erection was gone. I had total hysterectomy in 1998, so we both just thought the other was done. To be honest we had come to a point where it was about love not sex, at least that is the way we let the other one think .

About a month and a half ago, I caught him with his secretary. I have not seen or talked to him since, he has filed for divorce.

I had seen several text between them and knew something was up but he always made light of it. Even the morning he left he kissed me goodbye and said he loved me more than anything (that was the normal) we have been attending church as normal and prayed together before he left for work each morning.

I know he loves me but the enemy has him for a season blinded to the truth. Our first court appearance is Sept 30th I am declaring and decreeing Divorce WILL NOT come to our home in Jesus name. I have been binding every seducing and Jezebel, every lying and Spirit from my husband and our marriage every hindering spirit that is being used to bring deceit or try to separate us in any way and or stop the plans God has for us and our marriage.

I apply the Blood of Christ over each of us as well as all the Lord has blessed us with. I place a thorny hedge of protection around us As well as a hedge of thorns between him and her. I continue to loose the holy spirit to convict and do what the Will of the Father is for us . I stand on the scriptures and will not be defeated.

I have a covenant with my husband and God. Please stand with me in this and I would welcome any target points to get this matter as part of our testimony would be appreciated I believe I receive this when I pray in Jesus name.

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Sep 10, 2015
God hates Divorce And Would Not Support It.
by: Osita

Marsha, the marriage covenant is between two people who became one. It is a forever covenant started by God. He expects His children to come to Him for defense and protection when the enemy attacks the institution of marriage.

This is why we must pray in the knowledge of His will so as to receive His promises. Marsha, subscribe to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the website so that we will obtain prayer points and also pray along with you.

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