My Husband Posted My Nude Pics Online And Cheated On Me.

by Amm
(Australia )

I met my husband online, we started chatting and I was happy that I have found someone good. After our engagement, he was in Australia and kept asking for photos, my fault that i was so blindly in love sent some nudes to him.

In a few months of my marriage, I found out that he is member of this site where everyone posts their wives and girlfriends photos. I didn't understand it that time and moved on to marry him.

After about three months, I checked his phone and found out that he has been posting my photos online and other men are commenting on it. I asked him this and he got abusive with me.

He did that again and again. I am alone here in Australia wasn’t able to get support. I continued having trust in God and moved on and forgiven him.

After three years of marriage I am now nine months pregnant. I found out that he has been having some affairs with women since the time I have conceived but he denied it.

I am unable to concentrate on my pregnancy, I have been admitted to hospital many times. I am now suffering from depression which my husband. I have been manipulated by him, I have no one here I’m living this life and hoping God to change it and give me happiness that will last.

I love you and believe in you. I confess that I have committed sins in past. I just want everyone to pray for my unborn child who is due in May to be happy and healthy.

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