My Husband Ran Off With a Married Woman With 4 Kids.

My husband of almost 18 years has been in an adulterous relationship with another woman for the last two years and left me and his two children.

He has came back to me twice and said he wanted to work it out but both times he left again. It is like this woman has a spell over him and he cannot go without her. He has to be with her every moment. I have prayed and fasted and so have my kids and his family as well.

He says he can't just leave her because he feels responsible for her. I know it's not Gods will to destroy our home and family. My kids and I have been devastated. My husband doesn't even think or act the same.

The woman was a married woman also who had four kids. I am begging God to do whatever it takes to save my husband and this woman as well and to heal our families.

Please help me pray for this as well! I want God's will in my life more than anything! Thank you!

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