My Husband Runs After Several Women For Sex.

by Stephanie

We have been married 28 years. Rick worked away from home. I've always worked and supported our family.

During a time when I was ill, and going through chemo, my husband cheated with several woman. He took one on his work travels for 3 years and played us both. He came home after much prayer. I now travel with him but he still has contact with this woman, and still tries to keep the interest of all the other women too.

He tries to set up "sex" meetings with any that will, but particularly chases a certain lady among them, telling her how perfect she is.

She participates and does know of me...has called me to tell me all about their sex. My husband is with me but he does not express love anymore.

Please pray for his love for me to be renewed and all soul and emotional ties with other women be severed forever.

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Jan 14, 2016
Prayer Can Quickly Change Adulterous Husband.
by: Osita

Stephanie, I know if we (you and I) pray right, God will intervene and your husband will change. His cheating will be a thing of the past, like a dream of the night. God is faithful.

We can help you obtain prayer points and also pray along with you until your victory comes. That's the mandate our ministry has.

Let's get started. Sign on to the free 'Help Me In Prayer!' from the right side of our website, and we'll reach you with targeted prayers and counsel to help your cheating husband.

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