My Husband Said He Won't Stop Cheating.

by Shelly
(Trinidad )

My husband and I have been together for twenty two years but married for 13 years. We are school mates.

I got pregnant before marriage and my parents wanted the best for me so they wanted me to do the right thing which was to get married. We both decided to get married, but my husband was not ready. So because of that he has been bitter against me.

We have three kids together, ages 14, 11 and 2. Things were ok until he got a job and bought a van, my husband changed into a different person.
He now cheats on me and won't stop abusing me in all ways.

He is involved with many women at the same time. I keep forgiving him for his actions but he won't stop hurting me over and over. He hardly supports me and my kids and everything is only about him and his friends.

My husband speaks against me, tell lies about me and makes me look like I'm the cheating wife. I beg him for us to go for counseling and he refuses to. The more my husband hurts me the more I love him.

I'm asking God to take these feelings away and it's like the more I ask the more feelings I have for him. He even said he can't stop cheating and I should do what I want.

I really love my husband and want my marriage to work but I really don't know what to do. Please pray for me and my family I want God's best for us cause we deserve to be happy.

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